Aus der Zeitschrift EinSicht Sommer 2009

Cat Fleas

From Eskild Tjalve

A woman with three cats had trouble with fleas, but only one of the cats was infected and even developed wounds and eczema.  The woman, desperate to resolve the problem, decided that perhaps the best option was to use pesticides on her cat. She really did not want to go this route, but she did not know what else do to.

In order to help her we made contact with the flea deva, or the flea consciousness.  The message that we received from the flea deva was: "We only go against our nature if we are asked to do so. We will help."

The solution we found was, that it is alright if some fleas get on the cat when it is outside, but when it comes into the house the fleas must not breed. The fleas must also exit the house with the cat.

After this contact, the woman did not notice any fleas on her cat. A few weeks later, when the cat  was taken to the veterinarian to be spayed, only one flea was found on the cat. Five weeks later, there were no more fleas on her.

A similar problem ocurred with another family we both knew. They had two cats, but only one cat had fleas. We proceeded to make the same agreement with the flea deva, but had no results. We wondered what went wrong.
I made contact with the flea deva and was told that the cat had fleas, because it was under a lot of stress. We spoke with the cat's family, and they admitted that the family was indeed under a lot of stress.  For some reason, the other cat was not under stress, and therefore, did not have fleas. After the family delt with eliminating the stress they were under, the fleas disappeared. 

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